US2020 congratulates all previous STEM Mentoring Award winners.
Thank you for your exceptional work in the field of STEM Mentoring.

2016 STEM Mentoring Award Winners

Left to right: Sury Kant (TCS), Brigitte Griswold (The Nature Conservancy), Jessica McAtamney (W.B. Saul High School), Ellen Sandberg (CH2M Foundation), Eileen Yang (Genentech), Rebecca Lucore (Covestro), Grace Chung (Yahoo), Marie Hopper (FIRST North Carolina), Katherine Wilcox (EnCorps STEM Teacher Fellowship), Nick Hutchinson (US2020), and Blair Blackwell (Chevron).

Excellence in Volunteer Experience

The Excellence in Volunteer Experience award recognizes education partners that provide high-quality, well-supported engagements for their volunteers during a spring semester or academic year STEM mentoring program.
Mentors from EnCorps promoting mentoring to get more girls interested in STEM.

EnCorps STEM Teachers Program

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program recruits, transitions and supports experienced professionals and military veterans in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields to teachers and tutors who deliver excellent STEM education to children in disadvantaged communities. EnCorps STEM is forging unique public-private partnerships to recruit, train, and support STEM professionals to teach and tutor California’s underserved students in math and science.
Students and mentors at the annual FIRST North Carolina robotics competition.

FIRST North Carolina

FIRST North Carolina is an organization whose mission is to inspire youth in North Carolina to pursue further studies and careers in science and technology and to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to compete in the technologically-driven global economy. FIRST North Carolina uses robotics to inspire youth to pursue careers in science and technology and engages STEM professionals in powerful ways. FIRST North Carolina volunteers are individually volunteering an average of over 200 hours per year. Nationally, FIRST engages 400,000 K-12 students and over 200,000 STEM professionals in its programs every year.

Excellence in Corporate Culture

The Excellence in Corporate Culture award recognizes companies promoting and supporting a culture of STEM volunteerism across all levels of their business operations.
Sury Kant (TCS), Grace Chung (Yahoo), Nick Hutchinson (US2020), and Blair Blackwell (Chevron) at the 2016 SMAs.


Yahoo promotes STEM volunteerism across 32 global offices through programs and policies that empower all employees to take part in high-impact STEM mentoring. From their paid-time-off and matching grant policies, to their flagship Summer of Service campaign, Yahoo for Good positions employees to serve as champions in their communities.
A Covestro mentor conducting an experiment with students.

Covestro LLC

Covestro LLC honors its commitment to employee volunteerism through their corporate social responsibility program, i3 - Ignite, Imagine, and Innovate, which supports local community engagement and provides guidelines, classroom kits, and other materials that empower employees in the classroom. The i3 program -- combined with a robust paid-time-off for volunteerism program -- mobilized nearly 10% of Convestro’s domestic workforce to high-impact STEM volunteerism in 2016.

Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships

Connecting students with talented volunteers who can provide compelling, real-world STEM learning opportunities requires a collaborative, cross-sectoral approach. These award winners define what works, how it works, and have developed blueprints for effective, cross-sectoral partnerships that break down barriers for students and communities.
A group of Genentech employees volunteering at a school.

Genentech, Inc.

South San Francisco Unified School District

Genentech has made a multi-year commitment to make science accessible for students within South San Francisco. Genentech’s Futurelab program partners with the South San Francisco Unified School District and mobilizes Genentech employees to explore the wonders of biotechnology with young people. Futurelab engages students from kindergarten through the completion of high school and creates opportunities for students to develop meaningful relationships with Genentech professionals.
CH2M, The Nature Conservancy and W.B. Saul High School presenting their award in Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships.

CH2M Foundation and The Nature Conservancy

CH2M, in concert with its charitable foundation and The Nature Conservancy, engaged more than 560 predominantly underserved and underrepresented students at the Walter Biddle Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences in Philadelphia. Its multi-faceted project teaches students about natural infrastructure and its important role in sustaining healthy communities through project-based learning, including retrofitting their own school. The program creates opportunities for CH2M employees to play a meaningful role in the design, implementation, and maintenance of the project and has strong potential to scale nationally.