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Project Summary

Through US2020, we are building new partnerships with local companies in order to significantly increase the number of STEM mentors working with SF middle school students.

Why We Decided to Participate

The San Francisco Bay Area - the birthplace of biotechnology and the microprocessor - is known worldwide as a leader in scientific industry. We are home to world-renowned research universities, science museums, and an ever growing number of tech firms, yet most San Francisco students have few opportunities to interact with STEM professionals. The San Francisco US2020 City Coalition came together in order to reach out to middle school students, particularly those from backgrounds underrepresented in the sciences who are least likely to already have personal connections to STEM professionals, to help them understand the role that science, technology and engineering play in their lives and the exciting contributions they can make to these fields in the future.

One of Our Key Strategies

One of our key strategies is relationship building at every level. From working with the city, the school district, after-school programs and industry, our goal is to build a STEM mentoring program that has relationships at its center so that ultimately these relationships become the motivation for sustaining the initiative after grant funding has ended. We will provide support and structures that enable the STEM mentors to connect with middle school students in meaningful and engaging ways.

One of my highest priorities as mayor is to make sure San Francisco's youth receive a quality education, both in and out-of-school. We see the work of US2020 directly complementing and strengthening my Middle School Leadership Initiative and I am excited by the opportunity to increase STEM mentors who are working with our students and getting them ready for the jobs of the 21st Century.”
Ed Lee
Mayor, City of San Francisco
We believe that the US2020 initiative is an amazing opportunity to bring STEM mentors and activities into our after-school programs. In doing so, SFUSD middle school students will experience the joys of science and the diverse, rewarding career possibilities available in the STEM fields, ultimately helping to fill the STEM pipeline.”
­ Richard Carranza, Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District
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What Makes San Francisco a City for Innovation in STEM Mentoring

San Francisco is home to a dedicated group of diverse organizations that are making a commitment to preparing and supporting STEM mentors for work with K-12 students. UCSF SEP and Techbridge offer years of experience building relationships between K-12 students and STEM professionals, the school district has a keen desire to support all of its students in STEM, local companies want to give back to San Francisco and provide rewarding volunteer experiences for their employees, and the city of San Francisco is committed to supporting this work.

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