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The Moment it Came Together

The Research Triangle Park Foundation sent out a general call to business, nonprofit, and educational leaders inviting everyone to an informational meeting to explore creating a collaborative to engage in the US2020 initiative. The response was strong and the room was packed with many people meeting for the first time, even though everyone in the room was engaged in similar work. The possibilities for cross-fertilization of ideas and the opportunity to create deep and meaningful synergy in the three county area surrounding the RTP has inspired a deeply committed group of leaders to engage on a regular basis, a first for the area.

Why We Decided to Participate

North Carolina is ranked #36 in the country in Math and Science with a below average score of 2.34 (1-5 scale). In addition, the state is ranked 48th investment per student. The three counties in our area have a large disparity in the percentage of students enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch program (2011-2012): Wake County 36%, Orange County 32.2% and Durham County 63.6%. The Research Triangle Park region hosts over 170 global companies that foster a culture of scientific advancement and competitive excellence. With more than 39,000 full-time employees in RTP and an additional 10,000 contract workers, and 3 major universities, the area has the ability to mentor our future workforce. We have the ability to make a lasting change. The pieces to do this already exist, we just need to unite them.

One of Our Key Strategies

In the year to come, we will increase the number of short-­term volunteer opportunities that we offer for STEM professionals. These short ­term opportunities such as company tours, career days, and one ­off events can be a convenient way for new STEM professionals to get involved in outreach. We believe that these experiences will spark an interest in STEM professionals for long-­term, sustainable mentoring. We offer the chance for STEM professionals to sign up for long­-term opportunities through US2020’s mentor matching platform.

The Research Triangle Park was built in service to education. For over fifty years, industry, government and universities have worked together in RTP, investing in education and promoting science and technology. As an honored recipient of the US2020 grant we intend to advance that model of success with innovation, ensuring continued economic growth for our state and leadership for America.”
­ Bob Geolas, President and CEO, The Research Triangle Park
To get involved, contact Brett Brenton at [email protected]

What We Hope to Learn

In the coming years, we hope to expand our partner network and connect more companies, schools, universities and nonprofits that increase STEM education in the Triangle. We also hope to strengthen the relationships with our existing partners and customize our offerings to them. We know that for our program to be its most effective, we need to diversify our approach to fit the varied needs of our different partners.

Our Partners in Research Triangle Park, NC