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Project Summary

Our #US2020indy plan revolves around connecting dots and removing obstacles. We recruit STEM professionals from around Indianapolis and plug them into vetted, high-­impact STEM programming at our school and community center sites. We choose our program locations based on a majority minority population and a free and reduced price lunch percentage of 65% or higher, which allows us to target those students most underrepresented in STEM fields. We deploy our two AmeriCorps VISTA members to remove barriers that typically get in the way of professionals becoming STEM volunteers and staying connected to their programs.

Creating a climate that is attractive for businesses to retain, create, or relocate jobs to our city is dependent upon our ability to supply the skilled workers employers demand. Workforce development is a priority for Indianapolis, and we fully support the city's US2020 project. It is imperative that our students receive innovative and effective STEM education and mentoring experiences."
-­ Greg Ballard, Mayor, City of Indianapolis

Why We Decided to Participate

According to a recent study by Change The Equation, there are 2.4 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs for every 1 STEM skilled worker here in the great state of Indiana. As the state's capital and largest city, Indianapolis is the hub of the state's life science, advanced manufacturing, technology, logistics, and motorsports industries. With our state so heavily reliant on these STEM industries for economic stability, the STEM workforce crisis has taken center stage. The US2020 Initiative provides an opportunity for all key STEM stakeholders in Indianapolis to come together around the same table, working toward the collective goal of increasing student interest in STEM careers and creating a culture of volunteerism among STEM companies.

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