Seeding Local STEM Mentoring Movements Nationwide

The US2020 City Network is a group of ten city-based coalitions born from US2020's 2014 City Competition. Each coalition -- comprised of mayor's offices, school districts, corporations, community-based organizations, funders, and more -- is growing the quality and quantity of STEM mentoring for youth underrepresented in the sciences. As a Network, they are experimenting with new strategies for increased impact, pioneering learning communities to accelerate each other's work, and feeding a national groundswell of momentum around STEM mentoring.

Our Partnering Communities

Learn more about the individual cities within our Network by clicking on the images below.

Allentown, PA
Baton Rouge, LA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Philadelphia, PA
Tulsa, OK
Research Triangle Park, NC
San Francisco, CA
Wichita, KS
US2020 supports the Network with a variety of resources, including: The Network uses those resources to:
  • On-the-ground project staffing from VISTA AmeriCorps members, through our partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service
  • Access to US2020's online mentor-matching platform
  • Evaluation tools and strategies
  • Bi-annual, in-person gatherings
  • Virtual learning and networking opportunities
  • An online portal for project management and resource-sharing
  • Consulting and troubleshooting by US2020 staff
  • Marketing and communications support
  • Develop new mentor training tools
  • Understand and remove barriers to mentoring at scale
  • Spread awareness of STEM mentoring through collateral and events
  • Promote policies that support STEM mentoring within partner companies
  • Train youth-serving partners to collect common metrics around program impact
  • Manage and expand partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Raise money to support project sustainability
  • Develop strategic plans for growth
  • Accelerate each other’s learning about what works