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US2020 -- together with Co-Founding Sponsors, Chevron and Tata Consultancy Services -- will present the first ever STEM Mentoring Awards! The award ceremony will be held at the White House complex in conjunction with the first STEM Mentoring Symposium.

The awards are a platform to celebrate and encourage exceptional work in the STEM mentoring field and an opportunity to build recognition for STEM mentoring as an important tool in education reform.

Presented July 23, 2015

Excellence will be recognized in three award categories. One award is application-based and the other two are based on volunteer surveying. Prize package details can be found by clicking the Apply or Register links below.

  1. Most Innovative Hands-on Project
  2. The Most Innovative Hands-on Project Award will be presented to hands-on projects judged to be innovative and scalable, with potential to spark student interest and skill building in STEM. A panel of expert judges will review and score the submitted projects.

    The Most Innovative Hands-on Project is open to all individual mentors, youth-serving organizations, and corporations. Participants do not need to be US2020 partners to apply.

    Participants must complete a short application form which requests project specific information including: topic, age group, objective, description, materials, procedures, and focus.

    Please refer to Details, Prizes, and Eligibility for more details.

  3. Excellence in Volunteer Experience
  4. The Excellence in Volunteer Experience Award will recognize US2020 education partners providing high-quality, well-supported engagements for their volunteers during a spring semester or academic year STEM mentoring program.

    The Excellence in Volunteer Experience award is open only to US2020 national education partners and City Network education partners that administer US2020 volunteer surveys. Participants must be US2020 partners to register. To learn more about becoming a US2020 education partner please contact us at [email protected]/.

    The first step is to complete a registration form that takes just 60 seconds! Winner selection is based on the results of the US2020 volunteer surveys administered at the end of your program. Registration only requires you to provide contact information, identify the student group(s) served, and note the number of survey being sent.

    Please refer to Details, Prizes, and Eligibility for more details.

  5. Excellence in Corporate Culture
  6. The Excellence in Corporate Culture Award will recognize companies promoting and supporting a culture of STEM volunteerism as reported by their employees.

    The Excellence in Corporate Culture award is open only to US2020’s national corporate partners and US2020 City Network corporate partners whose employees volunteer at organizations using the US2020 survey. Winning companies will be selected based on their employees’ responses to surveys conducted by US2020 education partners.

    Partner companies need not formally register. Please do encourage the organizations where your employees volunteer to register! US2020 will notify corporate partners if they are selected as finalists.

    Please refer to Details, Prizes, and Eligibility for more details.

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